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Koliba U černého medvěda (The Black Bear Chalet)

The new interpretations of traditional and international specialties combined with the stylish interior with its open hearth offer an exceptional culinary experience, further enhanced by its regular live music evenings. The local menu includes a variety of game dishes, including venison and fish, as well as genuine Wallachian specialties.


Restaurant U Johana (At Johan’s)

U Johana offers regional home cooking specialties, high quality beefsteaks, the freshest vegetables, leafy salads and all types of grilled meats. Chef Michal Lukavský recently put together a completely new menu, the highlight of which is his very popular grilled pork joint. Another local specialty – crackling fat – can be bought in decorative glass jars and brought home as a gift.



Continent’s menu offers something for everyone – a variety of meats, salads, pastas, pizzas and desserts. We recommend that you try one of the regional soups. Regulars here often order the Norwegian salmon with spinach.


Králova vila (The Royal Villa)

In addition to a restaurant, Králova vila also functions as a café and wine bar. The menu of this functionalist villa, decorated with painted clapperboards from the Zlín Film Festival, features 11 different salads, 16 types of sweet crepes and 13 kinds of savory crepes.