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Travel to a world of complete relaxation, where each of our massages in our relaxing garden studio is designed to fully suit your current mood. Put yourself in the care of a professional massage therapist and fully enjoy their healing touch, restoring your body’s strength and flexibility and your mind’s much-needed harmony. During your massage, you can surround yourself with the muted tones of chillout and fusion music, the aim of which is to comfortably calm your senses and enhance the beneficial effects of well-deserved recovery.
We perform all procedures with the help of Alqvimia peeling salts and luxurious 100% natural body oils, which combine the ancient art of alchemy and traditional aromatherapy with the latest medical and scientific findings.


Honey massage

60 minutes75 €

Do you suffer from fatigue, bad moods, and lack of energy? Treat yourself to a cleansing and regenerating honey massage, during which warm liquid honey is applied to the skin. Thanks to its detoxifying effects and special massage techniques, harmful substances are emitted from the body, internal organs are activated, your immune system is strengthened, sleep quality improves, and overall relaxation is achieved. After the massage, the honey is rinsed with a washcloth and warm water, and you, aside from the above-mentioned benefits, can also enjoy your perfectly nourished and silky smooth skin.

Antistress Touch

80 minutes100 €
60 minutes75 €

Enjoy an excellent Antistress Touch oil massage combined with a reflexology foot massage. Turn off all your phones, close your computer and listen to soothing relaxing music while enjoying the beneficial touch to relax your body, muscles and mind, freeing you from stress and recharging the body with new energy. The Antistress Touch massage is recommended especially for those who are under stress and suffer from back and neck pain.

Relax Symphony

80 minutes100 €
25 minutes30 €

Listen to the soothing sound of the wind in the trees, singing birds and gurgling mountain streams and let the natural symphony warm your body. Your every muscle will be relaxed using a silicone bulb and the therapist’s touch, using hands, fingers and elbows to unblock your stiff joints and muscles and quiet your disordered mind.

Golf Dream

50 minutes75 €

Golf is one of the noblest sports and requires the full attention of both body and spirit. And what could be better than an after-sports massage, focusing precisely on those parts that are bothering you? Thanks to the therapeutic effects of our exclusive massage oil, this massage increases blood circulation and relaxes any tension – not only in your back muscles.

Four Hands Massage

60 minutes150 €

Very popular and effective massage four hands, which is performed by two therapists simultaneously, gives you energy and relief for incredibly short time. Synchronized movements masseuses thoroughly rub your every muscle, with the help of Ylang Ylang oil, which softens the skin and also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves headaches and has aphrodisiac effects.

Buddha Energy

120 minutes150 €

This exclusive whole body massage, based on the tradition of original Asian therapies, uses special oils and precious healing stones. If you feel that your body needs thorough relaxation, you’ll appreciate this procedure, which relaxes stiff joints, strained muscles, blocked energy pathways, accumulated stress and floods you with life energy. The massage is preceded by a salt peeling, which will make your skin as smooth as silk.

Hot Stone Massage

50 minutes65 €
80 minutes100 €

Immerse yourself in a healing procedure that uses hot lava stones, a thousand year old technique, to eliminate physical pain and mental stress. Relaxing music soothes your senses while you enjoy what these gifts of the Earth have to offer.

Indian Head Massage

50 minutes65 €
25 minutes30 €

Do you often feel that your head is about to burst? Forget about antidepressants and try a treatment based on the touch of skilled hands in the right place. Ayurveda is based on harmony of the body, the soul and the universe – an Ayurvedic anti-stress massage of the head, neck and shoulders helps remove physical and mental blockages and unpleasant pressures with gentle, yet rhythmic movements.

Acupressure Hand and Foot Massage

50 minutes65 €

This massage is ideal both to relieve your hands and feet after a sports performance as well as to prevent problems caused by working on your computer. In addition, acupressure foot massage stimulates the function of internal organs and releases blockages in your body.

Massage for children

30 minutes40 €

Children love massages because it reminds them of being tickled. Our oil massage is fully adapted to the age, weight and individual needs of each child. It is very gentle and the oil we use moisturizes and nourishes your child’s skin.